A small architectural studio with big ideas


10 Zora street, Varna, Bulgaria

Email: kontur.arch@gmail.com
Phone: +359886081190

Kontur Studio


Varna, Bulgaria

Our Work

Architecture and interior design

Our Clients

People dreaming for their ideal homes or spaces


Hello, welcome to kontur architectural studio.
Kontur architectural studio was established in 2020 in Varna, Bulgaria, but we have been working as a team for a long time.
The types of architecture we focus on are residential buildings, family houses and our little love – the tiny houses.
We also love to design spaces like bars, cafes, offices and commercial buildings.

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Kontur studio are born in 1988.
Kontur studio met in 2007 on their first class in the university.
Apart from struggling with exams and projects together, they also worked in the same architecture studio until 2019.
Kontur studio love modern architecture and admire the old buildings.
Kontur studio are interested in art and photography.
Kontur studio love ot have fun while traveling.
Kontur studio love to drink good wine and coffee without sugar.

Kontur studio is creative work and common goals.
Kontur studio is built on a friendship evolving into а collaboration.