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Effix Pavilion Competition

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Effix Pavilion Competition

Honourable mention


The sea garden is a favorite place for generations of people from Varna.
It is a kind of boundary and connection between urban matter and the sea. Century old structure, it has captured memories of social events and personal experience of young and old. For many it is a fairy place in which they carry away forgetting about the daily grind.
The tree as a symbol of life connects worlds – earth and heaven, human and spiritual. Its roots are pointing down to the land, the trunk is facing the sky, the crown is the heaven.
Following the logical thread above, we’ve created a pavilion that puts the visitors in a kind of forest fairytale. With its light structure and simplified patterns, the pavilion invites children and adults to try something tasty from the fairy shop.
We use the sustainable shape of the square, which is divided into four identical modules.
They are combined with each other by rotation and the removal of one or two of the walls, allowing easy montage of the structures.