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Karin dom

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Karin dom

The new Karin Dom building is located in a garden of pine and linden trees.
Its simple and childlike design celebrates a sense of open space and connection with nature.
Considering the boulevards and local buildings, the design leads us to a place that feels like home.
The building complex is organized into three easily recognizable “houses”, each of which has a separate entrance.
Main facades of the structures are in the form of a house as might be drawn by a child – a box with a pitched roof.
The building is felt both modern and welcoming – a modern interpretation of the basic house form that reminds of a home, a fascinating wonderland for children.

The three houses are continuously connected along the “street” – the roof of the ground floor.
Parts of the roofs contain islands of greenery that expand the garden in a third dimension.
The building’s interior harmonies with the environment with the natural materials – wood, concrete, glass.
The interior design is dominated by mild candy colors and wooden surfaces.
Common spaces are wide and inviting, but some of the rooms offer a more intimate experience.

The middle house is the main entrance of the building.
The foyer leads to physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and Montessori on the ground floor and to the family-mediated intervention center and the therapy center on the first and the second floors.
The four-floor house in the north is designed as education and administration center.
The house in the south accommodates intervention and medical center.


Underground floor level 687 sqm
Above-ground level 2 224 sqm
Parking spaces 20
Total landscape area 947 sqm